Big Data Services

Big data services, such as IT equipment like used CPU and old GPU, and data tape media like Oracle T10000 tape and new IBM 3592JC 4Tb, is something that businesses sometimes do not know how to manage. Many times, the office executives throw these items in the trash or clutter one of the business’ storage areas with them. Sometimes the places that they discard of the equipment are not the appropriate places for data center decommission. Luckily, business owners have the option of getting back a little something for their investments in IT equipment. They can call the experts in big data services. Experts can provide the following services to businesses:

Equipment Buying

Data specialists can purchase just about all of the assets that a business has. The business owner just needs to contact such specialists and provide a list of the assets that it has. The specialists will then check the value of the assets and make an offer to the person for their purchase. If the business owner agrees with the offer, the data center decommission company will send a truck to pick up the equipment. Alternatively the specialist may send shipping labels and ask the business owner to ship the equipment that he or she would like dispose of. The specialists will then erase all of the data from the equipment and ensure that it is cleansed.

Equipment Selling

An interested business may find new upgraded equipment through a big data services provider. The business may find equipment such as connectors, labels, tapes, disk arrays, tap drives, tape libraries and the like. The data company may offer a wide variety of products from the most popular names like Sony, Dell, Fuji, HP and more. The business can find high-performance products and parts that it can use for a wide variety of tasks.

Equipment Disposal

Equipment disposal is another service that a data company can handle. A truck can take the unused equipment to a special storage area where specialists clear all the data and draw up a certificate of erasure. Such a company can take items such as servers and tap media and get rid of them neatly so that the business never has to worry about them again. Equipment must go through the proper process for someone to consider it as properly disposed of.

Fast and Friendly Customer Service

Fast and friendly customer service is something that every client or customer wants. A professional big data services company can provide that to any business or individual that desires to obtain services. Prompt customer service is even more important than friendly customer service is. A reliable data service company is one that answers questions as soon as a prospective customer asks them. Such a person will respectfully provide a potential customer with the answer to any questions that he or she asks. That same person will also give a strong effort to benefit that customers in any way possible by suggesting additional products and services that may help in that person’s or business’s world.

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