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Big Data Supply, Inc. as our name implies, we're all about end-of-life data storage, in a big way.
Big Data Supply, Inc. is your one-stop, premier end-of-life data storage solution. We buy and sell virtually all data storage equipment, especially tape media. We love us some tape media. We permanently destroy data using the highest and most reliable standards. Proprietary processes. We recycle hardware. We dispose any obsolete items in a safe and ecologically-responsible manner. In fact, we're R2v3 & RIOS certified. We even offer alternatives to 3rd party maintenance and cloud storage. And we do all with a big smile. 

meet our founder. 

Say hello to the brains of Big Data. Brian has been shaking this industry up since the early 2000s. That's about 20 years if you're not familiar with the modern calendar. Early in his career, while working in sales and marketing, one of Brian's clients began recycling data tape media. Seeing that nobody had an online presence for this service at this time, Brian laced up his jumping shoes and pounced. Just starting off in his technology experience, Brian was turning millions in revenue and soon founded a company called Recycle Your Media in 2005. But Brian always had a vision for more, a full-service end-of-life data solution.

After selling Recycle Your Media in 2012, Big Data Supply Inc. was born. A company that not only recycles data tape but the entire data center and more. Data Tape Media, Data Storage Hardware, Servers/Disk Array, Network Hardware to Telecom, Computers and Mobile Devices. A full-service end-of-life data solutions company with an unbending vision to the be the biggest and best in the industry. Mission currently being accomplished.
Brian Musil
Big Data Supply Inc., CEO

if you can name it, we likely have it.

Big Data Supply, Inc. has one of the largest inventories of data backup tapes from name brands like:



Or we at least once had it. And we can more than likely get it again. Data tapes - new and refurbished, media tapes, drives, cartridges, LTO Ultrium media cartridges, hard drives, servers, disk array, networking devices and telecom systems, and all data storage hardware, servers, networking devices. We are a seller of all brands and formats of LTO, 3592, T10K, T2, 8mm AIT, VXA, 4mm, DDS, DAT, MLR, SLR, 9940, 9840, 3490, 3590, 3480, DLT, SDLT new and certified in California. We have one of the largest inventories of data backup takes from name brands like IBM, Dell, Maxell, Sony, HP, Fujifilm, TDK, and Quantum.

worldwide presence

Thanks to our cost-effective products, comprehensive solutions and friendly service, we've become a major industry playing in just a short amount of time. Today we have locations in Southern California, Singapore, and the Netherlands offering our services for the data hungry. Where to next? We're thinking the moon. You hear that, Elon? Gas up that fancy rocket of yours, we've got some serious big plans.

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