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Unfortunately, all IT assets at some point must run their courses, and this is where Big Data Supply Inc. will be your partner in providing cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally-responsible IT asset disposition services.

Big Data Supply Inc. meets all current DOD and NIST standards for IT asset disposition and secure data destruction, as well as EPA’s national guidelines for e-waste recycling. As an R2v3 & RIOS certified ITAD company, we’ll ensure data is completely erased and recycled properly for reuse. If reuse of any kind is impossible, we’ll make sure the IT asset is disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

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Easy, quick, and fair evaluation of IT assets
When reuse is impossible, on- or off-site hard drive/SSD/tape storage shredding
Safe, secure, timely, and compliant IT asset disposition
Compliant and responsible handling and recycling of all IT assets and materials
Secure and compliant, on- or off-site data destruction services





Here at Big Data Supply Inc, we’re here as your partner in maximizing the ROI of your IT assets to offset the expense of disposal/recycling.


What can you expect from Big Data Supply Inc.’s IT asset disposition services?

Our standard IT asset disposition services include:

  • Inventory management of each retired asset
  • Secure IT asset disposition at your location or off-site
  • Testing, grading, repair, recycling, and refurbishment of IT assets
  • Reuse or recycle IT assets based on age and condition
  • Data destruction services (with certification of data destruction) on-site or off-site
  • Recording of retired IT assets into an inventory tracking system
  • Packing of retired IT assets and transport to Big Data Supply Inc.’s processing facility
  • Resale and redeployment of IT assets depending on the condition
  • Comprehensive inventory reporting
  • Complete financial settlements of resold IT assets
  • Complete Chain-of-Custody

Professional ITAD Company


With Big Data Supply Inc. as your IT asset disposition company, disposing of retired IT assets won’t be as difficult as you may think. It will be a simple transaction, and Big Data Supply Inc. as your ITAD company will handle all the details...

Disposing retired IT assets will only involve three simple steps:

1. Send a list of your retired IT assets (if you are planning to dispose of multiple pieces of IT equipment). Big Data Supply Inc. accepts various types of IT assets including storage devices, servers, and networking equipment
2. Big Data Supply Inc. will send you a quote for IT asset disposition service, listing the value of your listed IT assets.
3. Based on your timeline, Big Data Supply Inc. will schedule a date for pickup and shipment of your disposed IT assets


Big Data Supply Inc.’s standardized processes include defined standard operating procedures (SOPs), formalized documentation/paperwork, and standardized checkpoints. All of our facilities operate under a single accounting system and inventory management, ensuring reliable, standardized, and consistent ITAD services for your organization.


To ensure clients stay compliant with regulations and corporate risk management programs, Big Data Supply Inc. ensures a complete audit trail of each IT asset disposition service, ensuring full transparency and accountability for each IT asset processed and its contained data.


Big Data Supply Inc. will ensure data stored on all storage devices is completely eradicated or destroyed to prevent unauthorized access to your sensitive and/or regulated data. We will also provide a certificate of data destruction for each storage device to ensure risk management compliance.


With Big Data Supply Inc., the disposal and recycling of your IT assets are both eco-friendly and 100% secure.


ITAD company Big Data Supply Inc. offers best-in-class asset recovery value to ensure you can maximize the ROI of each disposed IT asset. This is made possible by coupling unmatched IT assets knowledge with comprehensive asset recovery solutions. Ensuring we can maximizea positive return from your retired IT assets is our main focus.


Big Data Supply Inc. is focused on helping your organization maintain compliance to various local, regional, and international legislative requirements that must be adhered to for data security compliance, as well as e-waste disposal.
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In disposing of your retired IT assets, it’s crucial to choose the right ITAD company with a well-defined and well-structured program to ensure the security and integrity of your data, maximize ROI of each asset, control your assets, and stay in compliance with regulatory requirements.

With that being said, here are five key considerations you should have when choosing an IT asset disposition company:

1. “IT assets” refer to any computing device that is used for both personal or work purposes.

2. Data center IT asset disposition services specifically focus on secure, responsible, and eco-friendly disposition of IT equipment used by organizations in their data centers.

3. IT asset disposition companies may also offer IT assets lifecycle management services. Lifecycle management should begin before a new IT asset is purchased. ITAD companies should help create protocols for safe disposal, following a device through its entire lifecycle.

4. For any IT assets, it’s crucial for the company to fully consider various options whether the IT assets can be repaired, reused, or recycled before the IT asset is disposed of. Disposal should be the last possible option.

5. Since ITAD companies directly deal with the data security of the disposed of assets, it’s crucial for organizations looking to partner with ITAD companies to perform higher levels of due diligence. It’s crucial only to partner with IT asset disposition companies that have maintained data security best practices.

In short, it’s crucial for organizations to find an appropriate ITAD company capable of supporting your organization’s long-term objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) service?

IT Asset Disposition or ITAD service is the process of disposing of used, retired, or unwanted IT assets (i.e., equipment) in a secure, environmentally sustainable, and cost-effective manner. 

In practice, the ITAD process involves disposing of end-of-life IT equipment such as servers, computers, storage devices (HDDs, SSDs, backup tapes,) networking devices, and others with three key focuses:

  • Ensuring the data stored within the IT assets is securely wiped to prevent data leak/breach
  • Minimizing possibilities of environmental damage
  • Maximizing the value of the retired IT asset (i.e., via sale, repurposing, or recycling)


Why is IT asset disposition service necessary?

Proper IT asset disposition service is necessary for three main reasons:

  • Security: preventing confidential and sensitive data (especially consumers’ data) from falling into the wrong hands
  • Sustainability: reducing the negative environmental footprints of e-waste, for example by minimizing waste in landfill or bodies of water. Promoting repurposing and recycling of retired IT assets.
  • Compliance: ensuring the organizations disposing of their IT assets stay compliant with various regulations governing environmental sustainability and data privacy.


What type of equipment do ITAD services typically include?

ITAD services cover all types of IT assets and equipment, but some of the most common ones are:

  • Computers (desktop computers, laptops, servers, and mobile devices)
  • Storage devices (hard drives, SSDs, data tapes)
  • Networking equipment (network switches, routers, etc.)
  • Printers, and other computer peripherals
  • Various electronic components (adapters, power supplies, circuit boards, etc.)


How is data security maintained during the ITAD process?

Since one of the core objectives of ITAD services is to prevent confidential, data from being exposed, the ITAD vendor may use a range of measures to maintain data security, including but not limited to:

  • Secure data wiping: data is securely erased from the IT asset using specialized software to ensure it’s unrecoverable
  • Physical destruction: physical destruction of IT assets to make sure sensitive data is unrecoverable
  • Chain of custody: retired IT assets are tracked and monitored throughout the whole disposition process to prevent theft or loss
  • Secure transportation: retired IT assets are transported using secure protocols and vehicles to prevent theft
  • Background checks: all employees of the ITAD vendor must undergo rigorous background checks (i.e., make sure they have no criminal history) to ensure safety and security throughout the whole process. 


What is the difference between ITAD and e-waste recycling?

E-waste recycling solely focuses on recovering valuable materials from electronic waste, including retired IT assets, while ITAD also focuses on environmental sustainability and data security.

The main activity of e-waste recycling is the dismantling of IT assets to recover valuable materials such as aluminum, gold, silicon, and copper. On the other hand, ITAD services also involve secure data wiping, asset tracking, and responsible disposal/recycling.


What are IT asset disposition certificates?

IT asset disposition certificates are official documents issued by ITAD companies that provide legitimate proof that the retired IT assets have been disposed of in a secure, environmentally responsible way and in compliance with relevant regulations and laws. 

The certificate can be used to demonstrate the organization’s compliance with relevant data privacy and environmental laws/regulations, as well as other relevant standards.


Does it matter if an ITAD company has certifications?

Certifications and relevant accreditations indicate that an ITAD company has demonstrated credibility and compliance with relevant standards, regulations, and best practices. 

Important certifications in the ITAD industry include:

  • ISO 14001 for environmental management. 
  • ISO 9001 for quality management
  • R2v3 & RIOS (Responsible Recycling). An ITAD company that possessed R2v3 & RIOS certification has demonstrated that it follows responsible recycling practices, including environmental protection, worker  health and safety, and data security
  • E-stewards. Given to companies that have maintained responsible recycling practices, quite similar to R2v3 & RIOS.

It’s always a good idea to carefully evaluate potential IT asset disposition companies based on their certifications, accreditations, experience, and reputation before committing to one vendor.


Can we be compliant with data handling while using an ITAD company?

Yes, and in fact, working with the right ITAD company can help us stay compliant with relevant data handling laws and regulations.

Certified ITAD companies like Big Data Supply Inc. used specialized data wiping and physical destruction methods to ensure data is unrecoverable from IT assets before recycling, reuse, or disposal. 


Does it cost anything to use an ITAD company?

Some ITAD companies may charge a fee for pickup and disposal of IT assets, while some may charge a fee for their services.

Additionally, some IT asset disposition companies may offer secure data wiping and destruction services for a fee.

You can sell your retired IT assets in bulk for free without any charge to Big Data Supply Inc.


Which is more beneficial: using ITAD services or selling IT hardware ourselves?

The answer to this question would depend on the organization’s specific goals and needs, as well as the available resources.

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Data security: selling your retired assets to an ITAD company can ensure data is securely wiped, and they’ll be able to provide a certificate of data destruction for compliance purposes.If your organization does not have the necessary expertise or resources to perform secure data wiping, it may be beneficial to use ITAD services.
  • Expertise: ITAD companies have expertise in handling, recycling and disposing of IT assets in an environmentally sustainable manner. 
  • ROI: Selling your IT assets yourselves may result in a higher ROI, but finding the buyer can prove to be a challenge. Selling your IT assets to an ITAD company may be cost-effective if you are selling in bulk and/or if your IT equipment is in poor condition or is already too old. 
  • Time and resources: using ITAD services may save your organization’s valuable time and resources, as you won’t need to handle the complex processes of disposing of the retired IT assets yourself (data wiping, packaging, transport, disposal, etc.)
  • Compliance: certified ITAD companies can ensure that your organization remains compliant with relevant environmental and data privacy regulations when disposing of IT assets.