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Want to sell used data center equipment that your business has? Ranging from tape drives, servers, disk arrays, backup tape media, tape libraries, and network hardware, you can sell us used data center equipment in bulk. Being a leader in the recycling of corporate data center equipment, we provide the best solutions for the whole IT lifecycle. To prove it, we'll provide you with a certificate of data destruction for each data tape you sell to us. 

When you sell used data center equipment to us we will cover:

  • Shipping from any location in the world
  • Data destruction
  • Certificate of data destruction




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You’ll get paid and given a data-destruction certificate after the data is removed.

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WHY SELL Data Center Equipment TO BIG DATA SUPPLY, INC.?

When you sell us your used data center equipment, you can get the best price, maintain compliance, and guarantee the privacy of all sensitive data. Our comprehensive program includes free value audits to ensure the highest value in addition to complete chain of custody tracking, comprehensive reporting of secure data destruction, and the most economical and environmentally responsible way to recycle or sell your used data center equipment.
Our company is certified as an R2v3 and RIOS data center recycling company, which is a huge accomplishment. With regard to the electronics industry, electronic waste, and the recycling of data center equipment, this attests to our adherence to best practices. An ANSI-accredited standard, RIOS certification satisfies all requirements from ISO:9001 (quality), ISO:14001 (environment), and OHSAS:18001 (safety).
Frequently Asked Questions
Is my old data center equipment worth anything?

Your used data center equipment and other seemingly used IT assets are valuable assets that should not be undervalued. 

You should not be discouraged from selling your data center equipment, even if it appears too broken or old in your opinion. Many of our clients have been surprised by the value they were able to obtain from their used data center equipment.

How much value can you get from selling your used data center equipment?

The answer will depend on several different factors, including but not limited to:

  • Age: an IT asset's market price will decrease with age.
  • Condition: the value of data center equipment in good condition will be higher than that of equipment with functional or visual defects. 
  • Availability of newer models: the price of the majority of electronics equipment will drop when a direct replacement is available. The price should stay the same if there isn't a direct replacement for the equipment, even if it is somewhat used.
  • Rarity: the scarcity of extremely rare IT assets can drive up their price.

Luckily, these days it should be pretty simple to find the average market price of the used data center equipment you want to sell. To find the average market price for the equipment, you can simply search for similar products on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, or Craigslist.


How can I sell my used data center equipment?

Selling the data center equipment and assets is a fairly easy process:

Step 1: send us a list of used data center equipment (servers, hard drives, tape libraries, tape drives, storage tape media, disk arrays, network equipment, and other types of data center IT assets.)

Step 2: we'll reply with a quote that includes our suggested price for each piece of used data center equipment.

Step 3: once a price has been agreed upon, you have the option to accept the offer or negotiate further. After that, you can package and ship the data center equipment to our location. We can make plans to have the assets picked up from your data center if that's what you'd like.

Step 4: the information kept on hard drives and other storage devices will be safely erased. We also provide recycling services for used data center equipment based on your preferences.

Step 5: You will be paid after we get the gear, when you sell used data center equipment to us and given data destruction certificates after the data has been safely removed.


How will you handle the deletion of confidential/regulated data stored within data center equipment?

In the course of selling used data center equipment, we recognized how crucial it was to safely delete your data.

Based on your requirements and preferences, we can either physically destroy your storage tapes (degaussing, shredding, etc.) or perform secure data deletion using cutting-edge technologies.

Depending on your preferences, we can remove your data or recycle your data center equipment at our location or at your data center. Our RIOS and R2v3 certifications will guarantee that there is no chance of your private data being stolen.


How relevant is Big Data Supply Inc.'s R2v3 & RIOS certification?

Big Data Supply Inc. has adhered to industry best practices in buying and selling data center equipment, particularly with regard to secure data management and deletion and the handling of used data center equipment, as evidenced by its RIOS and R2v3 certification.

The ANSI-accredited RIOS certification attests to a company's compliance with ISO:9001 (quality), OHSAS:18001 (safety), and ISO:14001 (environment) standards when it comes to purchasing and selling used data center equipment

Only organizations that have achieved high-level for the responsible recycling of data center equipment are eligible to receive the R2v3 & RIOS certification.

A secure and reliable level of data center equipment recycling service is guaranteed whenever and wherever you use Big Data Supply Inc., a R2v3 & RIOS-certified company that purchases and disposes of your data center IT assets.


Will disposal or recycling of data center equipment cost me?

The resale value of your equipment often offsets any related disposal or recycling fees for data center equipment. The weight of the scrap commodity included in the data center IT asset is used to calculate recycling fees, and this weight varies based on volume and value of data center equipment you sell.