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We buy all corporate SSDs, new and used in bulk. As a leader in corporate SSD recycling, we offer the best prices with the highest, most ethical security standards to securely vaporize your corporation's sensitive data. And we’ll give you a certificate of data destruction for every SSD you sell to us to prove it. Options provided for proper disposal and physical destruction for valueless items, if needed. When you sell SSD to us we will cover:
  • Shipping from any location in the world
  • Data destruction
  • Certificate of data destruction

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what's the big deal with big data supply, inc.?

we have the big data supply i.t. asset buyback program guarantee

It's designed to help you mitigate risk, stay compliant and ensure all sensitive data is confidential. Our comprehensive program offers free value audits to ensure the highest value, complete chain of custody tracking, detailed reporting of secure data destruction and the most economic and environmentally friendly e-waste solutions.


We’re R2v3 & RIOS certified, which is a really big deal. This certifies that we follow the best practices specifically for the electronics industry and electronic waste. RIOS certification is an ANSI accredited standard that meets all processes from ISO:14001 (environment), ISO:9001 (quality), and OHSAS:18001 (safety). R2v3 & RIOS certification is rewarded to companies that achieve responsible recycling standards. R2v3 & RIOS assures you of a consistent level of service, anywhere and anytime. It also gives you the ability to address challenges, new materials, and new technology, all while developing new services as you grow and evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions
What to do with my old SSD?

If you're wondering what to do with your old SSD, you have several practical and beneficial options. First and foremost, consider repurposing it. SSDs are known for their durability and longevity. You can use your old SSD as an external storage device for backing up important files. This is especially useful for sensitive documents or cherished memories like photos and videos.

For those interested in environmentally friendly options, recycling is a great choice. Many electronic retailers offer recycling programs where you can safely dispose of your old SSD, ensuring it doesn't contribute to e-waste. This is an important consideration, as responsible disposal of electronics helps protect the environment.

Alternatively, if your SSD is still in good working condition, selling it is a viable option. You can sell your used SSD to Big Data Supply, who specializes in buying used IT equipment. When you sell used SSD you can not only earn you some money but also contribute to the circular economy, extending the lifecycle of electronic components.


Is it safe to sell your used SSD?

Selling your used SSD can be a safe and secure process, when you take the necessary steps to protect your data. Before you sell an SSD, it's crucial to ensure all your personal and sensitive data is completely and securely erased from the SSD.

One effective method for data protection is using software specifically designed for wiping SSDs. These tools overwrite every section of the drive, including areas that are not visible or accessible under normal circumstances, ensuring no data recovery is possible, so you could securely sell used SSDs. This process, known as secure erase, is generally more reliable than just formatting the drive.

Additionally, it's important to choose a reputable buyer, when you sell used SSDs. Established companies specializing in the purchase of used IT equipment, like Big Data Supply, often have strict data protection policies in place. They typically perform their own data wiping procedures as an added layer of security, offering peace of mind to sellers.

Furthermore, selling used SSDs to professional IT equipment buyers helps in preventing electronic waste, promoting a more sustainable approach to discarding old technology. These companies often refurbish and recycle components, thereby extending their lifespan and reducing environmental impact.

Selling your old SSD can be safe if you securely erase all data and choose a trustworthy buyer. This not only ensures your personal information is protected but also contributes to eco-friendly tech practices.


What types of SSDs do you accept?

At Big Data Supply, we pride ourselves on the wide range of SSDs that we accept. Understanding the diverse needs and advancements in technology, we are equipped to handle all types of SSDs, ensuring that your selling experience is as comprehensive and convenient as possible.

Whether you have a 2.5-inch SATA SSD commonly used in laptops and desktops, an mSATA or M.2 SSD often found in ultrabooks and tablets, or the high-speed PCIe and NVMe SSDs used in gaming PCs and high-performance workstations, you can sell it to us. Our expertise is not limited to consumer-grade SSDs; we also welcome enterprise-grade SSDs used in servers and data centers. This includes U.2 and SAS SSDs that are essential for heavy-duty computing environments.

We buy all SSD types which reflects our commitment to providing a versatile and environmentally responsible solution for your used IT equipment. When you sell your SSDs to us, not only do you contribute to the circular economy by giving your tech a second life, but you also help in reducing electronic waste.

Moreover, our process is designed to be hassle-free and transparent. We offer competitive pricing for SSDs of all types and conditions. Whether your SSD is brand new, gently used, or even if it's showing signs of wear, we are interested in purchasing it.

No matter the type, size, interface, or use-case of your equipment, you can sell used SSDs safely and efficiently to Big Data Supply.


How do I determine the value of my used SSD?

Determining the value of your used SSD involves considering several key factors. At Big Data Supply, we assess SSDs based on criteria that ensure you receive a fair and competitive offer for SSDs you sell us.

Firstly, the storage capacity of your SSD plays a significant role in its valuation. Larger capacity drives generally fetch higher prices due to their increased storage space and utility. Secondly, the condition of the SSD is crucial. A well-maintained SSD that functions flawlessly and shows minimal wear will likely be valued higher than one with signs of heavy use or functional issues.

Another important factor is the SSD’s age and technology. Newer models, especially those with advanced features like NVMe technology, tend to retain more value compared to older, SATA-based drives. The brand and model of the SSD also influence its value, as some brands and models are more sought-after in the secondary market due to their reliability and performance reputation.

Finally, market demand and current trends play a part. The value of SSDs can fluctuate based on the current market demand for specific types or capacities of drives.

To get a precise estimate when you want to sell your used SSDs, you can contact us directly at Big Data Supply. Our team of experts will evaluate your SSD based on these factors and provide you with a competitive quote. This assessment is a no-obligation process, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about selling your used SSD.


Is there a minimum or maximum amount of SSDs I can sell?

At Big Data Supply, we understand that every customer's needs are unique, and we are committed to accommodating all sellers, regardless of the quantity of SSDs they wish to sell. Therefore, we do not impose any minimum or maximum limits on the number of SSDs you can sell to us.

For businesses or organizations looking to sell large volumes of used SSDs, we are fully equipped to handle bulk sales. Our team is experienced in large-scale transactions and can provide comprehensive support, from valuation to logistics. This flexibility is part of our commitment to serving a diverse range of clients, from individual consumers to large enterprises.

Regardless of the quantity of SSDs you have, Big Data Supply is ready to provide a seamless selling experience. Our process is designed to be flexible, accommodating, and efficient, ensuring that all of our clients, irrespective of the size of their sale, receive optimal service and value.