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Are you looking to sell used desktops? Look no further — Big Data Supply Inc. is your go-to destination for selling new and used desktops in bulk. We take pride in being the industry leader in buying and selling corporate desktops, as well as responsible recycling. We offer very competitive prices while following the highest ethical security standards to ensure that all sensitive data is securely wiped from your old desktops. As proof of our commitment, we provide a certificate of data destruction. 

If required, we also provide options for proper disposal and physical destruction of used desktops. 

When you choose Big Data Supply Inc. for selling your used desktops, we provide comprehensive services including global shipping from any location, secure data destruction, and a certificate confirming the data destruction. Opt for a convenient and secure solution with us for your corporate desktop disposal needs.

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we have the big data supply i.t. asset buyback program guarantee
Our IT Asset buyback program is designed to help you sell your used desktops safely. Make sure all your sensitive data stays private, stay compliant with relevant data security and environmental regulations and mitigate all risks associated with selling old desktop computers. We offer free value audits for your assets so you can be confident in getting the highest value when you sell your old desktops to us. We also offer detailed reporting of secure data destruction (with Certificates of Data Destruction), complete chain of custody tracking, and the most cost-effective and eco-friendly e-waste solution.


Big Data Supply is proud to hold the R2v3 & RIOS certifications, both of which are highly regarded in the electronics recycling industry. Achieving these certifications isn’t an easy feat, and we are required to consistently adapt to strict industry standards for the disposal of electronic waste and used desktops. RIOS certification is an ANSI-accredited standard that encompasses all the processes of ISO:14001 for environmental protection, ISO:9001 for quality management, and OHSAS:18001 for safety management. R2v3 is the most widely recognized standard for electronics recycling. Achieving the R2v3 & RIOS certifications is a testament to our commitment to responsible recycling practices. It shows that we are able to provide consistent and reliable services to our clients who want to sell their used desktop computers. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I sell my used desktops instead of keeping them?

Rather than letting your used IT assets lie around in your home or office, selling used desktop computers can offer some compelling benefits, including:

  • Recoup its value: Even if your desktop is already a few years old, you can potentially get a decent amount of money that allows you to recoup a portion of the initial investment. If you are planning to upgrade, then you can use the proceeds to offset the cost of a new PC or other tech upgrades. 
  • Declutter your space: Used desktops lying around can take up a lot of valuable space in your office or home. Selling used desktops allows you to free up this space, so you can use it for items that align with your current needs. 
  • Help the environment: Selling your old desktop allows you to extend its life, so you are contributing to reducing electronics waste (e-waste), which is a growing concern. Resale of IT assets align with sustainable practices.
  • Stay up-to-date: If you are using an older desktop, you may be missing out on the performance improvements and new features offered by newly-released PCs. Selling your old desktop can allow you to afford a newer, more advanced model and stay current with the latest advancements and technology trends.
  • Data security: Old desktops lying around may pose a potential data security risk, especially if they contain sensitive information. If you sell used desktops to a reputable ITAD company like Big Data Supply, you can ensure a thorough wipe, protecting your sensitive information from unauthorized access.


How do I know if my used desktops are eligible for sale?

Below are the most important factors that influence the eligibility of desktops for a sale:

  1. Specifications: The specifications of your desktop play a significant role in determining its resale value. High-end specifications such as a powerful CPU, ample RAM, large storage capacity, and a dedicated powerful GPU are more desirable to potential buyers. If you have an older desktop with low specifications, it may be more challenging to find buyers.
  2. Market demand: It's essential to research the current market demand for your desktop's specific models and specifications. You can check online marketplaces like Amazon or auction sites like eBay to determine whether there is enough demand for your desktop.
  3. Condition: The overall condition of your desktop is also a crucial factor to consider. Are there any damages or functional issues? Desktops that are in good working order and physical condition tend to attract more potential buyers.
  4. Age: While some older models may be in high demand, this is a rare scenario. Newer desktops tend to have higher demand and, thus, have a higher resale value. It's worth noting that different buyers may have specific preferences or requirements, so do your research on the current market demand before you sell your used desktop.
  5. Compatibility: Desktops that are compatible with frequently used software or operating systems tend to have higher demands than those without compatibility. Ensure that your desktop has the licenses for important OSs and other critical software installed on the device. Also, make sure that the old desktop complies with relevant software licensing agreements.

Remember that different buyers may have their specific preferences or requirements. You may want to reach out to as many potential buyers as possible or consult with professionals who specialize in buying and selling used desktops and IT equipment.


How do I determine the value of my used desktop before selling it to your company?

To accurately estimate the value of your used desktop, you can try the following methods: 

  1. Gather Data: The first step before you sell your used desktop computer is to collect all the relevant information about it, including its model, brand, specification details such as CPU, GPU, RAM, storage capacity, and any other details that may impact its resale value, such as additional components or accessories.
  2. Evaluate Condition: Before you sell used desktops, thoroughly evaluate the condition of it, taking into account any physical wear and tear, functional issues, and upgrades/replacements made to the device. It is crucial to be honest about any defects or deficiencies to potential buyers.
  3. Market Research: Conducting market research is vital to determine the current market value of similar desktops. You can explore online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, forums, IT reseller websites, and even local electronic stores or pawn shops in your area to get a rough idea of the price range for comparable desktops.
  4. Request Quotes: Contacting reliable sources like Big Data Supply to obtain a quote for your used desktop can help you get an accurate assessment of its value. Ensure that you provide accurate and detailed information about your desktop during the process to get an accurate estimate.
  5. Consult with Professionals: If you are still unsure about the value of your old desktop, consider consulting with experts or IT professionals who specialize in buying and selling used desktop computers. They can offer valuable insights based on their market knowledge and experience.

By following these methods, you can sell old desktops for the best possible price.


Is there a minimum or maximum quantity of desktops I can sell?

Big Data Supply is an ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) company that specializes in buying and selling used desktops in bulk. 

However, if you are looking to sell old desktops or devices in small quantities, you can contact us immediately to discuss your unique needs. We would be delighted to work with you and try to discover a mutually beneficial solution.

Our company purchases most types of desktops, including custom ones. But please note that we do not buy desktops that are more than 10 years old, no longer functional, or have been severely damaged.

Thank you for considering Big Data Supply Inc. to sell used desktops. We are pleased to offer free quotes and would be happy to help answer any questions you may have.


How can I ensure that my personal data is completely removed from the desktops before selling them?

To make sure your personal or sensitive data is completely removed before you sell a used desktop, the best way is to wipe the storage device (HDD or SSD) multiple times with a secure destruction tool. Doing so will overwrite the hard drive with random characters, making the deleted data impossible to recover.

Here are the basic steps on how to wipe your storage device using secure destruction software:

  • Backup your data: Before doing anything, make sure you have backed up any important documents, media, or files. You can backup to an external HDD or a cloud service (i.e., Google Drive) as you see fit. 
  • Perform a factory reset: Most OSs offer an option to perform a factory reset, which will reset the desktop to its original factory state. However, some data might still be recoverable, and this is where the secure data destruction tools come in.
  • Encrypt: It’s recommended to encrypt your hard drive (or drives) before performing a data wipe. This adds an extra layer of security, so even when some data remains or is recoverable, it will be encrypted and unreadable. 
  • Download and install a secure data destruction tool: There are a number of secure data destruction tools available—both free and paid. Some popular options for Windows OS include EaseUS BitWiper, DBAN, and CCleaner, and popular options for macOS are the built-in Disk Utility tool, DoYourData Super Eraser, and BitRaser File Eraser.
  • Perform secure destruction: The actual destruction process may vary, but typically, you’ll need to boot from the secure destruction tool, which involves creating a bootable USB flash drive or CD/DVD. Select the hard drive (or hard drives) you want to wipe, and choose a secure destruction algorithm if provided by the secure data destruction software. Some common erasure algorithms include Gutmann and DoD 5220.22-M.
  • Verify data wiping: Before selling your used desktop, double-check that all sensitive data has been successfully wiped from the drive. Verify that no personal information, software licenses, or passwords are left on the hard drive(s).
  • Decrypt: After wiping, you might want to decrypt the drive so the new user can set up the new system without being prevented by encryption.
  • Provide clear instructions to the buyer: If you sell used desktops with an OS, provide clear instructions to the potential buyer on how to set it up. You might want to include information on admin passwords, user accounts, and any necessary software installations. 

Yet, if you're planning to sell an old desktop to Big Data Supply Inc., you can trust that we'll take care of your personal files and data. We have a range of secure methods in place to ensure that your data is completely removed and unrecoverable. Our team will also provide you with a Certificate of Data Destruction for compliance purposes. You can rest easy knowing that your sensitive information is in safe hands.