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You can sell us all corporate laptops new and used in bulk. As a leader in corporate laptop recycling, we offer the best prices with the highest, most ethical security standards to securely vaporize your corporation's sensitive data from a used laptop. And we’ll give you a certificate of data destruction to prove it.

Options provided for proper disposal and physical destruction for valueless items, if needed.

Included in offers:

  • Shipping from any location in the world
  • Data destruction
  • Certificate of data destruction

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what's the big deal with big data supply, inc.?

we have the big data supply i.t. asset buyback program guarantee

It's designed to help you mitigate risk, stay compliant and ensure all sensitive data is confidential. Our comprehensive program offers free value audits to ensure the highest value, complete chain of custody tracking, detailed reporting of secure data destruction and the most economic and environmentally friendly e-waste solutions.


We’re R2v3 & RIOS certified, which is a really big deal. This certifies that we follow the best practices specifically for the electronics industry and electronic waste. RIOS certification is an ANSI accredited standard that meets all processes from ISO:14001 (environment), ISO:9001 (quality), and OHSAS:18001 (safety). R2v3 & RIOS certification is rewarded to companies that achieve responsible recycling standards. R2v3 & RIOS assures you of a consistent level of service, anywhere and anytime. It also gives you the ability to address challenges, new materials, and new technology, all while developing new services as you grow and evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I sell my used laptops instead of keeping them?

There are several reasons why selling your used laptops rather than keeping them can be a beneficial choice for you. 

Here are some considerations:

  • Financial gain: pretty obvious, selling your used laptops means you can get some money for them, allowing you to recoup a portion of their original cost. You can use this money either to purchase a new laptop or for other expenses.
  • Decluttering and space management: keeping old and unused laptops will take up valuable space. By selling your older laptops, you can free up valuable space in your home or office and create a more organized environment. 
  • Upgrading technology: selling your old laptops means you can make room for newer or more advanced laptops. Newer laptops will naturally offer better features, improved performance, and enhanced capabilities. You can get rid of old, outdated technology that not only may hinder your productivity (i.e., they may no longer be able to run the latest games or software), but may also contain security vulnerabilities when they are no longer supported by the manufacturers.
  • Environmental responsibility: Selling your used laptops can help to reduce e-waste when they are refurbished or disassembled for valuable parts. Electronics contain valuable components and resources that can be reused or recycled, so selling your used laptops promotes a circular economy that contributes to environmental sustainability.
  • Data security: old laptops lying at your home or office may be stolen, risking the sensitive data contained within them falling into the wrong hands. Selling your laptops will require you to securely erase your personal data from the laptops, protecting your privacy.
How do I know if my used laptops are eligible for sale?

Here are some criteria to determine if your used laptops are eligible for sale:

  • Condition: while you may be able to sell laptops that are no longer in working condition, laptops in better condition naturally have higher resale value. Evaluate the overall condition of your used laptop and whether they are in good working order. Also, assess whether there is any wear and tear or significant physical damage on the device.
  • Age: while there are rare cases where older laptops may be in demand and of value (i.e., rare collector’s edition), typically newer laptop models tend to have a higher value in the used market. 
  • Completeness: if any of the laptop’s original parts and accessories are missing or damaged, the laptop may not be eligible for sale. This especially considers essential components like the hard drive, RAM, CPU, and GPU.
  • Specifications: consider the specifications of the laptop, such as the CPU, GPU (if any), RAM, storage capacity, etc. Naturally, laptops with higher-end specifications have a higher resale value. 
  • Compatibility: laptops that are compatible with modern operating systems and software tend to have higher demands. If your laptops are too old and cannot run current OSs or software effectively, it may affect their eligibility for sale. 
  • Legal considerations: very rare, but you may not have the legal right to sell the laptop, for example, if there are any contractual obligations or ownership disputes.

If you are uncertain about the eligibility of your old laptops for sale, you can reach out to reputable buyers or resellers who specialize in purchasing used laptops, like Big Data Supply Inc.

How do I determine the value of my used laptop before selling it to your company?

Here are some tips you can follow to determine the value of your used laptop before selling it to Big Data Supply Inc.:

  • Check the laptop manufacturer’s website: some manufacturers have a trade-in program on their websites where you can enter your laptop’s model number to get an estimate of its value.
  • Research the market: websites like Amazon or eBay can give you a good idea of what people are willing to pay for similar used laptops. Look for comparable models, conditions, and/or specifications on these online marketplaces or auction websites, which can give you a general idea of your laptop’s price range.
  • Assess its condition: evaluate the overall condition of the laptop. Assess for wear and tear, physical damage, and functional/performance issues. It’s important to be honest about the laptop’s condition when offering your laptops to potential buyers or resellers.
  • Get multiple quotes: reach out to reputable companies that buy and/or resell used laptops, including Big Data Supply Inc. Compare the quotes you receive to get a general idea of the laptop’s average resale value. 
  • Use a laptop valuation tool: today, there are online laptop valuation tools like Cashify, GadgetValue, and others that can help you determine the value of your used laptop. With these tools, typically you’ll only need to input the brand, model, age, specifications, and condition of the laptop, and it will give an estimate of its value.
Is there a minimum or maximum quantity of laptops before selling them?

Big Data Supply Inc. specializes in high-volume buying and selling of IT assets, including laptops, and we’ll offer better prices for larger quantities of laptops.

Here are some additional details before you decide to sell your old laptops to Big Data Supply Inc.:

  • Big Data Supply Inc. receives any brand or model of laptops.
  • The laptop must be in proper working condition and has all the original parts.
  • Any physical damage or defects may lower the laptop’s value

Looking to sell your used laptops? Don't hesitate to reach out to us right away! We value your unique requirements and are eager to collaborate in order to discover a mutually beneficial solution.

At Big Data Supply Inc., we offer complimentary quotes for all used laptops, and our team is readily available to address any inquiries you may have.

We specialize in purchasing a wide range of laptops brands and models, including customized ones. However, kindly note that we do not acquire laptops that have sustained severe damage or are more than a decade old.

How can I ensure that my personal data is completely removed from the laptops before selling them?

To guarantee the complete eradication of your personal and sensitive data from your used laptop before selling it, it is important to follow these steps:

  • Back up important data: Before initiating any data erasure process, it is essential to create a backup of any important data you wish to retain. This precaution ensures that you won't regret losing any valuable information later.
  • Perform a factory reset of your operating system: Most operating systems offer the option to perform a hard reset or factory reset, which effectively erases all personal files, applications, and settings from your laptop. Follow the instructions provided by your specific operating system. However, please note that this process may not guarantee 100% irrecoverability of your files.
  • Utilize data erasure software: There are various data erasure applications and programs available that can securely wipe your files, making them unrecoverable. Here are some popular options:
    • For Windows: DBAN (free/open-source), Eraser (free/open-source), BitRaser (paid)
    • For macOS: Disk Utility (macOS built-in), Secure Eraser (free/open-source)
  • Verify the data removal: After completing the data wiping process, it is crucial to double-check that all personal files have been successfully removed from the laptop's hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs). Use data recovery software to scan the drives and confirm that the data is no longer recoverable.

However, if you choose to sell your old laptop to Big Data Supply Inc., rest assured that we employ a variety of secure methods to thoroughly erase all your personal files and data. We ensure complete removal and irrecoverability of your data and provide a Certificate of Data Destruction for compliance purposes.