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save 30-70% on OEM HARDWARE maintenaNce Plans

Data Storage & Network Hardware 

Enjoy some peace of mind, without costing an arm and a leg.

At Big Data Supply, we believe reliability should have no expiration date. That’s why we support current and End-of-Life/End-of-Service-Life products long after the OEM warranty expires. Our team of experts offer extended third party maintenance for your data center hardware and networking gear. So relax, we’ve got your back, big time.

The lowdown on our maintenance program

World-class OEM END OF maintenance and support team
Our team offers third party maintenance for top brands like HP, Sun/ Oracle, IBM, NetApp, Citrix, and VMware, to name a few. Bring on your technical issues. They’re fluent in fast and efficient problem solving.
That’s right, no matter where you are, we’re there for you too. While we’re not quite as common as a certain mermaid-based coffee shop, we do have post warranty maintenance service centers sprinkled across the globe.
Tested and certified equipment
All of our gear undergoes an intense 10-step post warranty testing process to ensure it’s certified for quality. Why? Because we love technology, and we love you. You deserve nothing but the best. Did things just get too personal?
Flexible THIRD PARTY HARDWARE Maintenance Services
Flexible is our middle name. Well, actually it’s Norman, but we changed it to Flexible. True made-up story. And like our fake middle name says, we adapt our end of maintenance support service agreements to you. From 24/7 maintenance to response times of 4 hours or less, we’ll help you protect your valuable technical assets.
Need a third party hardware maintenance? Contact us for volume discounts and quotes on different services.
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Our packages

Choose which level of technical support and post OEM warranty maintenance best fits your organization.
level 1
Low Support
Optimal for secondary or archival storage systems which only require support during normal business hours.
most popular
Medium Support
Optimal for organizations that still want access to the 24x7 help desk, but do not require 4-hour parts on-site.
Most Support
Optimal for production environments, where mission-critical support is required to meet time requirements.
Data center hardware post warranty maintenance isn't one size fits all. Let us craft an end of maintenance support solution to help you meet your specific goals and objectives.
Parts Replacement
Remote Montioring
On-Site Spares Kit
Telephone Technical Support
On-Site Technical Support
Next Business Day
Next Business Day
4-hr Response

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post-warranty data support

If your current tape library is coming off its OEM warranty, contact us for post-warranty hardware maintenance contract info and pricing. We can offer up to 50% off the OEM warranty price with equal or better service. Here are some of the brands we work with.
110T Tape Library
114T Tape Library
122T Tape Library
124T Tape Library
128T Tape Library
136T Tape Library
136T Tape Library
160T Tape Library
ML6010 Tape Library
Compaq Tape Library
ESL 712E Tape Library
ESL 9198DLX Tape Library
ESL 9198DLX Tape Library
ESL 9322 Tape Library
ESL 9326 Tape Library
ESL 9595 Tape Library
MSL 2024 Tape Library
MSL 4048 Tape Library
MSL 5026 Tape Library
MSL 5030 Tape Library
MSL 5052 Tape Library
MSL 5060 Tape Library
MSL 6026 Tape Library
MSL 6030 Tape Library
MSL 6052 Tape Library
MSL 6060 Tape Library
MSL 8096 Tape LibraryDell
110T Tape Library
114T Tape Library
122T Tape Library
124T Tape Library
128T Tape Library
136T Tape Library
136T Tape Library
160T Tape Library
ML6010 Tape Library
ATL/Oracle Tape Libraries
M1500 Tape Library
M2500 Tape Library
P1000 Tape Library
P2000 Tape Library
P3000 Tape Library
P4000 Tape Library
P7000 Tape Library
PX502 Tape Library
PX720 Tape Library
Scalar 24 Tape Library
Scalar 100 Tape Library
Scalar 10000 (10K) Tape Library
Scalar 1500 Tape Library
Scalar 12000 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle Tape Libraries
Storagetek/ SUN/ Oracle STK 4410 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK 9310 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK L5510 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK 9714 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK 9740 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK 4480M22 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK 4480M24 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK 9490 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK L20 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK L80 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK L180 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK L700 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK SL500 Tape Library
SUN / Oracle STK SL8500 Tape Library
Network Hardware
Data Storage Hardware
Server Hardware
Network Hardware
Data Storage Hardware
Server Hardware
Network Hardware
Data Storage Hardware
Server Hardware
What Equipment Is Covered


  • FAS2000 / FAS2200 Series
  • FAS3000 / FAS3100 Series
  • FAS3200 Series
  • FAS6000 Series
  • FAS6200 Series
  • FAS8000 Series
  • V Series


  • Dell EqualLogic
  • Dell Compellent 
  • Dell PowerVault Libraries 
  • Dell PowerVault Storage Array


  • EVA Series
  • MSA Series
  • MSL Series
  • P4000
  • 3PAR
  • SureStore


  • Clariion
  • Celerra
  • Isilon
  • Symmetrix / VMAX 
  • Unity
  • Avamar
  • VNX/VNXe 
  • XtremIO
  • Recovery Point


  • DS Series 
  • EXP
  • N Series 
  • Storwize
  • TS Series 
  • XIV


  • VSP
  • AMS
  • HUS


  • PowerConnect
  • Force10


  • EX
  • MX
  • SR


  • Catalyst
  • ASA
  • MDS
  • MCS


  • ProCurve Series


  • DCX
  • DS
  • ICS
  • VDX




  • Dell PowerEdge 
  • Dell PowerEdge C-Series
  • Dell PowerEdge R-Series
  • Dell PowerEdge T-Series
  • Dell PowerEdge VTRX


  • ProLiant B DL-Series
  • ProLiant BL-Series 
  • ProLiant ML-Series 
  • HP Blade System 
  • HP Integrity Systems 
  • HP 9000 Servers 
  • HP 3000


  • IBM pSeries RS/6000 
  • IBM xSeries 
  • IBM BladeCenter
  • IBM iSeries AS/400 
  • IBM Power Systems


  • ThinkServer


  • Cisco UCS Series


  • SunFire B-Series 
  • SunFire E-Series 
  • SunFire x86
  • SunFire T-Series 
  • SunFire V-Series 
  • SPARC Enterprise 
  • Sun Netra


Frequently Asked Questions
What is third-party maintenance for IT equipment?

Third-party maintenance for IT equipment is like having a skilled mechanic for your car, but instead, for your company's tech gear. When your business has a bunch of servers, servers, storage systems, and networking devices, all these types of IT equipment need regular check-ups, repairs, and sometimes parts replaced. Now, usually, the company that sold you these gadgets (like Dell, HP, or Cisco) offers to take care of them – this is called original equipment manufacturer (OEM) maintenance. But, there's another option – third-party maintenance.

TPM is when a separate company that offers OEM end of warranty support service steps in to keep your IT stuff in top shape. Third-party maintenance companies like Big Data Supply specialize in maintenance and often offer more flexible, cost-effective solutions. We have expert teams who know their way around a wide range of IT equipment, not just one brand. So, you get a high level of service but at a lower cost and with a more personal touch. It's like choosing a trusted local garage over a big-brand car dealership for your car's servicing.


What types of equipment are covered under third-party maintenance services?

At Big Data Supply, our third-party maintenance services are pretty extensive and cover just about every piece of key equipment you can think of in your IT setup. It's like having a one-stop-shop for all your tech-care needs. Here’s a list of what we cover:

Servers: These are the powerhouses of your IT infrastructure. Whether they're for hosting websites, managing emails, or running applications, we've got the expertise to maintain and repair servers of various brands like IBM, Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, Sun/Oracle and SuperMicro and models like Dell PowerEdge, HPE ProLiant B DL-Series, IBM pSeries RS/6000, etc.

Networking Equipment: This includes the essential gear that keeps your network humming, like routers, switches, and wireless access points. We understand how crucial networking is for business operations, so we make sure yours is always in top shape. We cover networking equipment of brands like Dell, Juniper, Cisco, HPE, Brocade, etc.

Storage Equipment: From high-capacity hard drives to complex SAN and NAS systems, we cover it all. Keeping your data safe and accessible is our priority. We cover storage equipment of brands like Netapp, Dell, HPE, IBM, EMC, Hitachi, etc.

Data Centers: The heart of your IT operations, data centers come with their unique maintenance needs. We provide comprehensive care for your data center's infrastructure, ensuring it runs efficiently and reliably.

Hard Drives and More: Even the smaller components of your IT setup, like individual hard drives, are within our scope of service.

In short, if it's a critical part of your IT system, we can maintain and support it. At Big Data Supply, we're committed to providing you with a wide-ranging, flexible, and effective third-party maintenance service that keeps your entire IT infrastructure in peak condition.


What are the different levels of support available in third-party maintenance packages?

When you sign up for third-party maintenance for your IT equipment, it's like picking a care package that best fits your tech's needs. As a third-party maintenance provider, Big Data Supply offers various levels of support, so you can choose what works best for your business:

Low Support: Think of this as the 'essential' package. It usually includes things like parts replacement, remote monitoring, and post-incident follow-up. It’s perfect for businesses that just need a helping hand now and then.

Medium Support: This is a step up. Besides the offers from the previous tier, it also includes 24/7 telephone technical support. If your business depends heavily on its tech running smoothly all the time, this level could be a good fit.

Most Support: Premium support might offer all the bells and whistles. This tier also includes on-site technical support with 4-hr response.

Customized Support: We can meet your specific goals by crafting a custom third-party hardware maintenance service.


Can a custom maintenance support solution be created for specific organizational needs?

Absolutely! Custom OEM end of warranty support solutions can be created at Big Data Supply. We understand that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to tech support. That's why we offer the flexibility to craft a maintenance plan that fits your organization’s needs and goals.

You can fill up a contact form and write there about your company's specific needs. Maybe you've got some older equipment that needs extra care, or perhaps you're running a mix of brands and need a plan that covers them all. Or you might need super-fast response times for critical systems. Our third-party hardware maintenance service team will listen to your needs and then put together a package that targets those areas.

It's all about getting the support that matches your business's requirements – whether it's round-the-clock monitoring, special parts replacement services, or even specialized technical support. So yes, creating a custom solution is not just possible, but it's often a highlight of what makes our third-party maintenance such a great choice for many businesses.


Is there worldwide support available for third-party maintenance services?

Yes! At Big Data Supply, we're proud to offer third-party hardware maintenance services on a global scale. It's like having a reliable IT support team, no matter where you are in the world. Whether your business operates in one country or spans multiple continents, we've got your back.

Our worldwide OEM end of warranty support means that if you face any issues with your IT equipment, you won't be left in the lurch, regardless of your location. We understand that in the fast-paced world of business, having immediate and effective support is crucial. That's why we've established a network of skilled technicians and resources, ensuring that help is always close at hand.

So, whether your servers need attention in Sydney, your storage systems require servicing in San Francisco, or your network devices need diagnostics in Toronto, we're ready to assist with our third-party hardware maintenance services. Our goal is to provide consistent, quality support to keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly, wherever you are.


How much can I save with 3rd party maintenance?

Switching to third-party maintenance can be a real money-saver for your business. Think of it like opting for an affordable yet quality local mechanic instead of always going to the car dealership for repairs. On average, businesses can save anywhere from 40% to 70% on their IT maintenance costs with third-party maintenance, compared to original equipment manufacturer maintenance.

Here's why it's cheaper:

Competitive Pricing: Third-party maintenance often has lower overheads and more flexible pricing models.

Customized Plans: With third-party maintenance you can choose only the services you need, avoiding the cost of unnecessary extras.

Extended Equipment Life: Third-party maintenance services from big Data Supply can help you keep your existing equipment running longer, delaying costly upgrades.

Multivendor Support: Instead of dealing with different OEMs for each type of equipment, you get a one-stop solution, which often works out cheaper.

The exact savings will depend on your specific IT environment and the type of equipment you have. But, for many businesses, the cost difference is significant enough to make switching to third-party maintenance a smart financial decision.