Sun / Oracle, "T2" T10000 T10K 5TB P/N 003-5366-01

Storagetek / Oracle, T10000 (T10K) T2, 5TB, P/N 003-5366-01:

  • Part Number 003-5366-01
  • 5.0TB (StorageTek T10000C Drive)
  • 8.5 TB (StorageTek T10000D)

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StorageTek / Oracle "T2" T10000 (T10K) 5TB Data Tape Media 

If your application needs include security, cost, manageability and ways to address ongoing data growth, the Oracle StorageTek T10000 T2 high-capacity data cartridges are an ideal way to address those needs, especially when combined with Oracle/Sun StorageTek’s T10000 (T10K) T2 tape drives.

One key to the overall system solution is the T10000 T2 SafeGuide system, which is vital when it comes to data security and reliability.

The system includes a unique hub lock that stabilizes the media within the cartridge shell, and the buckler mechanism has been redesigned to provide a secure attachment that links the cartridge leader to the drive leader.

The tape guide path has also been designed to ensure accuracy, reduce tension and guarantee data integrity. The tape guides and rollers guide the media securely on its back side so that the data itself never touches the recording surface, and these guides and rollers also minimize the lateral motion of the tape to enhance stability.

The storage capability is impressive. The Oracle T10000D T2 tape cartridge provides up to 8.5 TB of storage when used with a T10000D drive, and up to 5 TB when the cartridge is used with a T10000C drive.

That high-end capability makes the T10000 T2 (T10000C and T10000D) tape cartridges ideal for any application in which high-volume backup is necessary, and the Oracle StorageTek T10K is also ideal for applications where disaster recovery and archiving are essential.

The cartridges can also be reformatted for use with next-generation tape drives, which makes it easy to future-proof the product for advanced applications as new technology becomes available.

In addition to high-capacity storage. The VolSafe secure media technology provides write-one, read-many (WORM) protection, and the tape itself is formulated with barium ferrite for long-term stability and security.

These cartridges offer an archival life of 30 years that includes up to 25K loads and unloads. The Oracle StorageTek T10000D and T10000C T2 data cartridges are also available with barcode labels, or they can be delivered labeled, initialized and ready to use. 

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