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According to Forbes contributor Lisa Arthur, big data isn’t anything to be afraid of – rather it is something that must be embraced.

She defines big data as, “A collection of data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a source for ongoing discovery and analysis.”

We happen to like this definition for a handful of reasons. Firstly, it isn’t anything to be afraid of – rather, it is simply all of the information and files that help define the meaning and value of an organization. Secondly, each and every organization has different types of data that make them tick (some digital and some non-digital). And finally, big data is there to help you decipher meaning and pave the way for a successful future.

There are two basic types of data – Unstructured and multi-structured.

Unstructured data is normally unorganized and quite difficult to interpret. In today’s world this includes things like metadata, social media posts, and Tweets.

On the other hand, multi-structured data is created when people and machines interact. This includes everything from text, to photos and videos, to web applications, and online business transactions.

If you’re just beginning to take inventory of your organization’s data and developing a roadmap for data storage success, it is important you:

1. Define your goals and gain a deep understanding as to what role your data.
2. Classify our data and decide what will be accessed regularly and what (if any data) can be stored offline.
3. Consider your bottom line and invest in a data storage infrastructure that makes the most sense financially.
4. Make sure you select the right mix of data storage technologies. For example, a growing number of organizations are using a strategic combination of disk, magnetic tape, and cloud storage.
5. Don’t forget that e-waste recycling is a massive problem. Get an education on best practices and technologies that exist for recycling and reuse.

While the concept of big data can be overwhelming, it is vital that we all embrace it. Make data your friend and develop an infrastructure that leads to higher levels of success and freedom.

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