It's our E-Waste Recycling Badge of Honor

When your I.T. equipment can’t be reused, we’re here for you. Big Data Supply, Inc. specializes in corporate e-waste recycling, offering a safe, secure and planet-friendly way to get rid of your bulk legacy technologies. Rather than stuffing landfills or incinerating products (which releases harmful toxins into the air) choose Big Data to recycle I.T. gear the safe and smart way. That’s why we’re R2v3 & RIOS certified, and a lot of other companies aren’t. So na-na na-na boo boo. Just kidding, we are far more professional than that.


responsible Corporate e-waste recycling

For businesses striving to make sustainability efforts part of their company culture, it’s important to properly 
recycle your e-waste.
know where it goes
Conscientious companies should go the extra mile to validate exactly where their e-waste is being shipped. Simply unloading it is no longer acceptable. Improper waste disposal can do some serious damage to your company’s reputation. So, make sure the vendor you choose has policies and processes that are in line with your company’s internal guidelines.
Use Certified partners

Corporate E-waste recycling is big business. Which means there are a lot of unscrupulous businesses out there who don’t follow state and federal laws governing waste management. Be sure to review their credentials. Legit vendors will proudly share their certifications (like how proudly we show our R2v3 & RIOS certification). Don’t get hooked up with anyone taking short cuts. What they do is a reflection on your company.

Good for the planet.
Good for you.

When you do good, flaunt it. Make it part of your company culture, be sure to communicate the positive recycling steps your company is taking as often, yet still as humbly, as possible. Clients and customers eat that stuff up. By communicating your e-waste practices, your partners and clients will get that warm, fuzzy feeling all over. And who doesn’t like that feeling? In fact, may potential customers seek out eco-friendly businesses. Probably because that want more of that warm, fuzzy feeling.

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So what's the big deal with 
Big Data supply, inc?

We’re R2v3 & RIOS certified, which is a really big deal. This certifies that we follow the best practices specifically for the electronics industry and electronic waste. RIOS certification is an ANSI accredited standard that meets all processes and compliance from environment, quality, and safety. R2v3 & RIOS certification is awarded to companies that achieve responsible recycling standards. Our electronics asset disposition partner has an audited management system in place, which provides the framework for processes, procedures, and most importantly, improvements. R2v3 & RIOS assures you of a consistent level of service, anywhere and anytime. It also gives you the ability to address challenges, new materials, and new technology, all while developing new services as you grow and evolve.

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