Sony LTO3 Data Tape (400GB/800GB)

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With the Sony LTO3 LTX400G, Sony continues its development of exceptional data storage products or organizations with constantly growing data storage needs. Featuring 800 GB compressed capacity and 160MB/second transfer speed, the LTO3 offers a breakthrough in performance capabilities for cartridge media. Because of the faster backup rates and the LTO-3’s off-line nature, they are amazingly cost effective and time-efficient.

In an effort to assure higher performance, Sony dared to raise the S/N ration. Additionally, its use of weather-resistant ultra-fine magnetic materials makes the Sony LTO 3 much more reliable and reduces chance for error. The Sony LTO-3’s thinner size surprisingly adds to the higher storage capacity. Additionally, Sony has adopted a lubricant that assures tape travel stability and optimum winding performance.With the LTO-3 by Sony, you can also be sure that there are is a reduced propensity for error, as its dedicated servo writer provides a high-quality magnetic servo signal, which works with the other technologies that enhance tape performance. Finally, the Sony LTO-3 Worm provides ultimate data security by preventing data erasure, rewriting, and alteration. This helps major organizations address compliance needs as set forth by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). LTX400G-T.

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