One of the best things organizational leaders can do in today’s world is make a commitment to reducing their organization’s carbon footprint.

Unfortunately, the planet is being covered with landfills that are full of toxic waste in the form of computers, cell phones, printers, tape cartridges, and more, and the majority of companies worldwide aren’t doing much about it. Nothing good can come from the toxins that are releases into the soil and air as result of the toxins released by e-waste.

The good news is that a growing number of organizations are beginning to wake up to the problem and take steps to make a positive impact.

The following are five ways you can reduce your carbon footprint to pave the way for a healthier planet:

1. Recycle Old Computers

The majority of used computers can be recycled and used by other organizations or individuals. And if they can’t be reused for some reason, it is possible to recycle hard drives like WD old hard drives and Dell used hard drives, plastics, glass monitors, CD Rom drives, old CPU, used GPU, Cathode Ray Tubes, copper in power chords, batteries, and more.

2. Recycle Storage Tapes & Buy Recycled Tapes

There is absolutely no reason that an organization utilizing tapes should let them be thrown into a landfill. One of the very best parts of using tape is the fact that all data can be expunged from them and they can be reused again.

If you have tape media filled with old data, you can sell and recoup some of your data storage expenses. Likewise, you can purchase recycled tapes for far less money than if you were to buy new ones.

3. Recycle Printer Cartridges

Many inkjet printer cartridges can be refilled and used up to five times. There are some companies that offer ink refilling. This will both help the environment and help you cut down your costs.

4. Cut Down on Paper Usage

Inspire your workforce to use less paper. Utilize electronic tablets, Web portals, e-invoicing, and other systems that will reduce your dependance on paper.

5. Recycle Glass and Plastics

Create a recycling program in which your employees will place their plastic and glass bottles into designated recycling bins.

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