Have you built up an extensive data tape library and need to clear some space? If you’ve been tempted to run to the nearest dumpster to get rid of them, don’t even think about it for a handful of reasons.

First and foremost, throwing tapes full of data into a dumpster can be very dangerous from a security perspective. You never know who is lurking around your trash bins and the problems they can cause with your data. It’s very possible that valuable information can be stolen and used maliciously.

For this exact reason, various industries have developed data care and destruction regulations with the help of HIPAA, SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley, and the list goes on...

Secondly, you will most likely be throwing away tape that can be recycled and reused by other parties. It isn’t good for the environment to chuck perfectly good tape into landfills or incinerate them.

Thirdly, you will be passing up the chance to take in some extra cash. This is where Big Data Supply comes in. We work with organizations and individuals around the world who understand the value of cashing in on used technologies.

Our job is to solve all of the above problems. Our streamlined tape degaussing process completely purges all data on all tapes. We then help organizations meet and exceed industry regulations for data destruction.

And to boot, we like to keep tapes out of landfills while providing others to take advantage of purchasing your data free used tape at affordable price points.

Finally, our customers win big by earning top dollar for their used tape. It’s a win-win-win -- for the seller of used tape, the environment, and the purchaser of used technologies.

To get started, all you have to do is call our offices or e-mail us at Big Data Supply. The more detail you provide, the better and more accurate quote we can provide when you sell tape.

Once you agree on the quote, we will make arrangements for picking up your tape. We’ll then make sure that all of your data is fully purged and the tapes made ready for resale.

Finally, we’ll send you a check or give you credit for new (and used) equipment.

While throwing your tape and other equipment into dumpsters may be the quick fix, we urge you to think deeply about your actions. Contact our team and we’ll help you get started on your recycling effort today!

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