Remember when the pundits predicted that we would ultimately be a paperless society? Futurists now envision a world where cars drive everyone from point to point rather than people driving the cars themselves. These are just two examples of the use of embellishment or hyperbole to make a point, although the reality often falls far short of the fantasy.

We are seeing the same thing happen in the world of data tape storage. Storage providers and disc manufacturers have been predicting the inevitable fate of tape data storage media going the way of the dinosaur.

Well, we at Big Data Supply are here to say “Easy there, big fella!” regarding the obsolescence of data tape storage. Over our 20 years of experience and service in the data center equipment business, we have seen many IT ‘fads’ come and go. The thing about data storage using tape is that it is finding a significant niche in the data storage needs of businesses as other storage options evolve.

Here are a few of the ways tape is helping IT professionals get more from their infrastructure.

  1. Technological advances make tape for data storage capable of meeting the increasing storage needs that businesses face today. Compliance concerns like HIPAA and PCI require longer time periods for data to be archived. Using tape for long term archival needs makes more sense than using cloud or disc storage.
  1. The economics of tape are attractive, especially concerning long term archiving tape. Cloud storage from a third party is a monthly recurring charge that can become extremely expensive over long periods. You hear many opex v. capex arguments in favor of opex, but in this case, a smaller one-time cost for tape can save significant money over time.
  1. The Cloud providers are turning to tape for long term archiving for their customers. If cloud providers themselves are making this move, then it makes sense that IT departments should be looking closely at the benefits of tape.

Of course, each individual IT and data center department’s strategy around data storage will be determined by the unique needs of the business. This is actually the most critical step in recognizing exactly where tape will provide the greatest benefit.

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