TDK LTO Ultrium 4 Data Tape Cartridge (800GB/1600GB)

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Searching for a powerful data cartridge solution? The TDK LTO Ultrium 4 data cartridge offers amazing functionality with its Super Finavinx metal magnetic technology, which lends extremely high output power. Additionally, the TDK LTO Ultrium 4’s strong and ultra-smooth surface provides dimensionality and stability throughout the data archival process. This is very important as large data sets are saved for decades to come.

The LTO TDK 4 comes with electron-beam curing EB binder and thermos-setting for premium durability, and its original servo signal writing technology allows for the LTO Ultrium 4 to effectively read and write.

The Ultrium 4 TDK LTO also offers a high-precision cartridge mechanism which enables seamless drive/media interaction, providing increased reliability throughout the process. Finally, the TDK Tape LTO-4 Ultrium-4 write-once (WORM type) recordable media will be launched at the same time as rewrite-able media. The LTO-4 Ultrium offers 800GB/1600GB capacity and is a reliable technology for organizations with large data sets. D2407-LTO4-C.

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