Big Data Supply, Inc. offers secure data destruction on tape media and hard drives like used HP hard drives and used Toshiba hard drives.

Is the organization you are affiliated with seeking to destroy data that is no longer needed? Or have you recently upgraded to a newer data storage infrastructure and have data on older tape media that needs to be discarded?

In today’s world, it is essential that you understand the importance of completely expunging valuable data and/or complying with industry regulations.

For instance, in the world of healthcare, HIPAA states that that all sensitive data must be cleared or purged by “degaussing or exposing the media to a strong magnetic field in order to disrupt the recorded magnetic domains.” Media can also be destroyed through “pulverization, melting, incineration, or shredding.”

At Big Data Supply, we believe that tape should be degaussed/erased or overwritten, rather than tapes being pulverized or incinerated. The reason for such logic is quite simple:

1. Incinerating tape is toxic to the environment.
2. Pulverizing tape leads to unneeded waste.
3. Perfectly good tape is wasted -- when it could be reused again.

On the other hand, the degaussing and resurfacing of tape makes it possible to comply with FACTA, HIPAA, Gram-Leach-Bliley, SEC, DOD, SOX, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other regulatory bodies, while responsibly keeping perfectly good tape out of landfills…and toxins out of the air (when considering incineration).

The sad fact is that only 3 percent of tape is recycled. This is why we have developed a streamlined process for organizations to either recycle and reuse their tape media or sell their used tape to recoup their initial data center investment.

As you consider what to do with old tape, it is vital that you never dispose of data-filled cartridges into a dumpster. Doing so usually results in the violation of industry regulations. Using HIPAA as an example once again, the disposal of used tape media can only be done if each and every tape has been rendered unreadable.

And once again, why throw away perfectly good tape when you can have it recycled? And when you can make some cash in the process through our buy-back program?

To learn more, contact the Big Data Supply team at 800-905-7329 or We will walk you through the process, while providing you a full education on data eradication and tape recycling.