Ever ask yourself "is it safe to sell my used servers?" or wondered where do I sell used servers for recycling in a safe, secure and eco-friendly manner? We at Big Data Supply are willing to pay top dollar for used servers.

There are many benefits to selling your used IT equipment, including:

1. You can recoup some of the cost of your investment.
2. It’s the eco-friendly decision to make. There is no good reason to throw perfectly good electronics into landfills.
3. The process is stress-free.

When we purchase used servers, we always pay fairly and quickly.

We’re currently seeking the following (but definitely not limited to) servers:

• HP Servers: G5, G6, G7
• IBM Servers: Xseries – M2 and above & P5 and above.
• Dell Servers: R610, R710, R620, R720

The process is super easy. Here’s how it works:

1. Let us know what type of server you own. Provide model number, processor, memory, HD size, HD model, brand, quantity, and the condition its in.
2. We’ll audit the value of each server.
3. Once you give us the OK to purchase your servers, we’ll provide UPS shipping labels. We can also send out a truck to your location for pickup.
4. Our team will let you know your servers have arrived to our facility.
5. The servers will be placed under 24 hour surveillance before production.
6. All data will be completely erased from servers.
7. You will receive a certificate of data destruction. This will help you comply with data de-struction regulations for your industry.

We also invite you to either call our offices or drop us an email. We’ll get the process started ASAP!

Info@BigDataSupplyInc.com | Toll Free 800-905-7329 | Local 949-679-6633