Looking to unload new and/or used LTO-4 tape? Big Data Supply, Inc. (that’s us) pays the highest dollar possible for new and used tape.

Our streamlined buyback program assures each and every one of our customers that they are gaining the very best deal without compromising their data. We can either provide cash or credit that can be applied toward newer tape formats and other data storage products.

We also buy other LTO formats, 3592, 8mm AIT / AME / VXA / 3590 / 9840 / 9940 /SLR / MLR / QIC and many other formats.

To assure that all data on used tapes is completely destroyed, we utilize our proprietary method for data destruction – assuring that you will comply with industry regulations as set forth by Sarbanes-Oxley, SOX, HIPAA, the SEC, and more.

There are numerous reasons as to why selling your new and used tape is the right thing to do, including:

• You can collect some quick cash.
• It’s the environmentally conscious thing to do.
• It’s quick and easy.
• You’ll comply with industry regulations for data destruction.

For more information on selling your new and used LTO-4 tape and/or other formats, contact our buyback team at 800-905-7329 or support@bigdatasupply.com