There are numerous tape doubters out in the world, especially proponents of disk-only storage. However, recent reports have revealed that the use of tape is on the rise -- especially within medium to large organizations.

The perfect example of a major organization utilizing tape to assure that massive amounts of data are secure for years to come is Google. The organization understands the power of LTO and the continual improvements that are expected in the coming months and years.

For instance, according to to a recent IBM report, the brand will be making a near 40-times improvement on its current LTO-6 technology. The truth of the matter is that disk isn’t making nearly as many leaps forward as tape is making at the present moment.

Technology expert Chris Mellor suggest that tape is the very best method for longterm storage for the following reasons:

1. Tape is the only method that can keep up with the massive amounts of customer transactions, images, music, videos, and other popular forms of data being archived today.
2. It’s cost-effectiveness makes it an excellent form of storage after data stored on disk loses its importance.
3. Tape is durable and its off-line nature offers ultimate data security.

While LTO-6’s capacity is already off the charts, LTO-7 will provide 6.4 TB of raw capacity -- and the LTO consortium is already talking about LTO-8, LTO-9, and even LTO-10!

This is why Google and other leading organizations are investing heavily in LTO technologies for data backups. Google in particular has been saved by its use of tape when thousands of mail accounts have gone missing. Without offline archives via tape, there would already have been hundreds of thousands of unhappy Google customers.

Instead of technology experts suggesting that tape is near dead, they are suggesting that DAT’s future may be fading. At the rate its going, LTO will one day boast of 102TB of capacity. This capacity level would most likely be seen in around 2025.

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