Many people are under the impression that we have moved past using tape storage and it seems more like an outdated solution. It goes without saying that losing crucial data can be more costly than implementing a robust data protection plan. In this digital era, people are more inclined towards using hard drives and cloud backup with large storage capacities. The newer generation might not have even heard about tape media drives & cartridge. But, this is not true!

Organizations are still using tape storage such as new IBM 3592JC 4Tb and HP LTO-4 Ultrium Cartridges in California, to store data or create backups. It is a viable option, and in multiple cases, it is far more popular than online storage methods. With such popularity in recent times, let’s discuss why this storage mode/method is still relevant today!


Tape storage was created when the first modern computers were found, back in 1950s. Back then, tape rolls could easily hold one megabyte of data on a tape storage. In recent times, tape storage has evolved significantly. Keeping up with the revolution of the likes of USBs, SSDs, and HDDs, there are tape storage devices like Oracle T10000 tape and certified IBM 3592JC 4Tb that could store up to 1 terabyte of data. Typically, people do not consider it to be a practical solution, but the benefits it offer to individuals and organizations is the primary reason of its existence.

Tape storages are capable of reducing the data before storing. It is believed that it is lower than what a hard drive can do, making tape media drives & cartridge a cost effective option. What’s more is that these are cheaper than other options that are available on the market.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of tape storage.

It is important to understand that tape media drives & cartridge such as IBM 3592JB tape cartridge 700Gb and certified IBM 3592JD 10Tb are not out of fashion. Yes, the use cases might have reduced due to more convenient options. But, it is a more affordable and durable option when compared to others. A tape storage device can store equivalent amount of data as that of an HDD. People think that it is not a modern technology and is not efficient as other options. The only downside is that it may take a lot of time to create a backup, transfer, or move files on a tape storage. When we talk about internet speed, cloud services and HDDs are a much better option. However, you will have to pay more to get the most out of these services. One of the primary reasons tape storage is still relevant today is because when it comes to restoring the lost data or an entire system, nothing is faster than tape media drives & cartridge.

The durability and affordability it offers is second to none when we compare tape storage and restore options. Hence in a nutshell, the technology may be overtaken by other options or new findings in near future. But, as of this moment tape storage is still relevant and numerous businesses are benefitting from its offerings.