Numerous organizations and individuals turn to Big Data Supply to let go of their used tape, as they know they can trust our ability to expunge their legacy data and ready their tapes for reuse. Beyond tape, we offer top dollar for disk array, no matter the model or brand – both new and used.

Selling your used disk array can benefit you and the environment in many ways, including:

1. You can recoup a portion of the money you initially invested in your data storage system.

2. Your recouped cash can be reinvested to upgrade your current data storage environment.

3. You have the power to save space if you are planning to keep your disk array stored.

4. You will save your equipment from landfills and/or incineration.

5. Other organizations can benefit from buying your used disk array.

As mentioned prior, we are willing to take all brands and models. Common brands purchased include (but aren’t limited to) Dell, Hitachi, Fujitsu, IBM, Infotrend, SGI, HP, NetApp, Xyratex, and Sun.

If you are local to our offices, our team can arrange a pick up for your disk array, tape, and any other electronic devices you would like to recycle.

Once we have obtained your devices, we will offer a quote and arrange for payment. We can also offer credit toward the purchase of newer, more robust equipment.

Other items Big Data Supply will buy back and recycle:

• Tape
• Tape drives
• Tape libraries
• Hardware
• Peripherals
• Telecom equipment

For more information on selling disk array or any of the above items, we invite you to contact our team today.