Order Data Tapes

Storing data on tapes is an excellent way of keeping everything backed-up, though people may forget just how valuable they can be. With the storage of information starting to shift to the cloud, people are starting to get think that everything has to be virtual. However, there are plenty of reasons why you should order data tapes media like new IBM 3592JC 4Tb. It's practical and convenient to have a high-quality, physical way to access the information in case of emergency. Even high-tech companies like Google use tapes to help them restore data after a crash. Data tapes media like Oracle T10000 are also much better than disks when it comes to having a solid back-up for even the most sensitive information. Disks don't last as long, nor are they as reliable when it comes to error-free recording. Data tapes also use less energy, and are more compatible with other types of technologies over disks. Tapes are an affordable way to free up your storage capacity and allow you more memory while older information safe.

So this is obviously great news for those who are looking to order data tapes. If you're looking for a high-quality product to safeguard your company against calamities of all kinds then we can absolutely help you find what you need. Server crashes, natural disasters, coffee spills: whatever it is that may pose a threat to valuable information can all be successfully saved when you order data tapes media like certified IBM 3592JD 10Tb to back up your information. Big Data Supply buys and sells data tapes of all kinds so you can find the right products on our site when you need them or send them to us when you don't.

If you have old tapes or want to purchase refurbished ones, check out our website. If you're looking to get rid of your old ones, then you'll want to send over a list of everything that you want us to pick up. We'll look it over and come up with a price (and we won't go any further until you agree to the value.) Once you do, we'll send over either shipping labels or a truck to pick everything up, and store it in a secure facility. This facility is under constant surveillance so your data is safe until it's successfully erased. Then you'll receive either cash for the goods or credit if your company needs more products from us. We work with various IT assets of all kinds, and can help keep you stocked when you need it, and give you an environmentally-safe way to dispose of it all when you don't.

If you're looking to order data tapes, you can find a variety of them on bigdatasupply.com. One of the products we're currently offering is the Quantum Tape LTO-4 for only $16 compared to $75 for a brand new one. It features 800 GB capacity with a 240 MB per second transfer rate. We have name brands like Sony and IBM, so no matter what system you run you can find something with us. Big Data Supply is on a mission to provide people with easy and cost-effective ways to sell used IT equipment, sell used CPU and sell old GPU. Our focus in on having a process that's entirely efficient for busy companies who only have so much time in a day. We also want to be a friend to the environment, which is why we offer these easy ways to get rid of your clutter so it's out of your hair. If you're looking to sell or order data tapes, then fill out an order form today or contact us using our form to the right.