When considering the benefits of data tape media, our clients often ask for the top handful of reasons they should make the investment. The top reasons we often give include:

1. LTO is reliable and stable.
2. It’s scalable.
3. Each tape can hold a massive amount of data.
4. It now comes with LTFS for easy file management.
5. Tape is cost-effective and has used resale value

Item number five is without a doubt one of the most compelling benefits for our customers. As you are probably already aware, the costs of a data storage system can grow by leaps and bounds in a matter of weeks. When this occurs, it is quite baffling to see how quickly disk-only data storage infrastructures can become amazingly expensive.

There are several reasons tape is a cost-effective and very reliable option for data backups. The following will provide you a good idea as to tape’s true value:

Tape Allows for You to Offload Old or Useless Data
Instead of utilizing a disk-only or cloud-based data storage solution for both old and new data, you can turn to tape to offload data that isn’t accessed anymore. Tape is stored offline, which means that you’ll use significantly less electricity and not have to house massive amounts of unneeded data for very little reason.

Tape Can Get You Out of Huge Jams
A growing number of organizations are realizing the hard way that they should have been more proactive about backing up their disks. Tape has saved major organizations (such as Google, Yahoo, etc.) from major lawsuits and customer frustrations.

Disk-only data storage environments are looking for major trouble. It isn't uncommon for a disk to be hacked, hit with a bug, and more. Google has had to turn to tape backups several times when data has been completely wiped out.

It is important to expect the very worse scenario possible. Tape backups can save the day and large sums of money.

Tape Can Be Sold in Used Condition and Bought in Refurbished Condition
Tape is recyclable and can be reused. This means that you can both purchase refurbished tape for far less money than when you buy new and you can sell used tape back and earn cash.

Want to learn more about tape? Drop us an e-mail or call our offices, and we’ll answer any questions you may have.