Buy Data Tapes

Whether you are a small retailer, an entertainer, a major corporation or an electronics powerhouse, you need to have the number of a company that can help you manage your LTO tapes. You’ll want to get in touch with a provider that can handle your secure and confidential information in a manner that is safe for your business and your customers. Big Data Supply Inc. is an all-purpose company that provides a suite of services that every business needs. You can rely on the company to provide you with:

Safe and Secure Information Destruction

A time will come when you need to have a large amount of data destroyed in such a way that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The experts at Big Data Supply Inc. can ensure that your data is completely destroyed in the safest way possible. You won’t have to worry about your information being recycled or falling into mischievous hands. All you have to do is ask Big Data to take care of you once, and you will be set.

Migration Service

Big Data Supply Inc. can migrate your LTO tapes and your other data if you have to switch buildings or move your business to a new location. The migration services will include merging all of your LTO data tapes into one simple format so that your next move will be simple. Specialists will eliminate dead weight from your files so that all that you have left is what’s important. The migration processing specialists are all certified to process the migration while withholding HIPAA, FACTA and SEC regulations. Again, you’ll never have to worry about the data falling into the wrong hands.

Information to Buy Data Tapes

If you’re looking to buy data tapes like certified IBM 3592JD 10Tb or Oracle T10000, Big Data can help you do that, as well.  We can connect you with a wide variety of LTO tapes with which you can store your company’s personal and confidential data. Alternatively, you can sell your data tapes to Big Data as well as other equipment that you may not need. Big Data purchases items such as tape drives, tape collections, severs and more. You could request a quote and see how much the company is willing to offer you for your products. You may be surprised at what you can do for your business with the funds you get.

Storage of Your LTO Data Tapes

The company can offer you data storage, data storage support and recycling for your e-waste. You can feel confident that any service you receive from big data will be thorough and secure.

Cloud Upgrades

Another service that Big Data can provide for you is a cloud upgrade. You’ll want to run your business with only the most innovative service. A cloud upgrade may be just what you need to stay ahead of the game in the data world.

Reasons to Choose Big Data

Big Data’s equipment evaluations are completely free, which is one reason you will want to choose us.  We also have 20 years of experience. We are dedicated to finding and offering the very best prices on all of its services. You can feel confident that we will find you the best deal for your storage, upgrade or purchase. We will offer you the most for your storage products and unwanted devices, as well. You can get started on a quote by completing our short form or calling 800-905-7329.