According to InformationWeek and other resources, Big Data must rely on tape as data sets become on a daily basis. The truth of the matter is that data archives are becoming too massive for organizations to perform full backups.

And, disk-only storage is becoming way too expensive and is definitely not fail proof. To assure that data doesn’t get lost, organizations are increasingly embedding data protection into their storage infrastructures.

What this all means is that organizations must pay attention to:

1. Finding the most cost-effective, yet stable data storage infrastructure.
2. Developing systematic backup solutions that will safeguard data 24/7.
3. Getting creative as to how data is stored and accessed.

The key is to develop a system that allows for a particular piece of data (say a video or picture) to be accessed as quickly as possible, while making sure at all times data is constantly being backed up.

To accomplish this, we suggest finding the perfect mix of storage mediums for your organization. This can include a mix of magnetic tape, cloud storage, and disk. In order to choose the right mix, it is vitally important to take stock of the types of data that need to be stored.

In our opinion, tape should usually play a central role, especially where system backups are concerned. Experts at InformationWeek tend to agree – with LTO tape continually improving, there is absolutely no reason not to use it for backups and/or archive.

Additionally, its offline nature makes it quite cost-effective. Backups can be stored on tape and then placed in a vault or storage facility for 30 years and more.

Numerous companies have learned the hard way, the dangers of a disk-only in data storage infrastructure. Even Google has found itself thanking its lucky stars that tape was there to save the day – especially when hundreds of thousands of mail accounts were assumed lost. Thankfully, Google was able to use data stored on magnetic tape to restore all mail accounts.

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