Data Center Equipment

Handling data center equipment is one of the most difficult tasks that data center teams encounter on any given day. The average data center expert will prefer the configuration of data center software over handling data center equipment. However, tasks that involve equipment or hardware handling are incredibly important to the optimal running of any company. Should things go wrong during equipment handling; the potential fallout can risk employees’ lives or hurt a company.

According to the report by the United States Bureau of Labor, handling equipment that weighs more than 50 pounds increases the risk of injury to workers. The report shows that an estimated 40 percent of all medical issues are shoulder and back problems resulting from improper data handling. Also, according to the 2002 survey conducted by the Server LIFT Corporation, more than 40 percent of professionals who work in various data centers get injuries while handling data centers hardware or equipment.

Besides the risks of injuries, potential fallout can be costly to any data center. Improper data center hardware handling techniques and tools can lead to the risk of breakage or damage. These incidents can cause a data center to run at a loss of millions of dollars as they interfere with marketing and supply deadlines.

Things companies can do to mitigate these problems

Below are some of the important steps that data centers can use to mitigate problems that may result from improper handling of data center equipment.

  • Work as a team: Because of tight deadlines, data center professionals take the risks of handling data center equipment by themselves. While this might seem like a selfless and responsible act, handling any delicate equipment without the help of other people often increases the risk of breakage or damage.  IT professionals recommend working as a team when handling heavy equipment.
  • Taking great care: Great care is required when handling equipment such as data center servers. Some experts tend to perform this task as quickly as possible, but their actions can lead to the risks of damage or breakage. To avoid this scenario, IT experts recommend handlers to take their time to ensure the job is done right and safely.
  • Use of technology: Equipment may look easier to lift by the use of hands, but experts recommend the use of lifting technology to avoid damage or breakage. If a machine does the lifting work, risks of injuries and expenses resulting from damage are minimized. A lifting machine also ensures the job is done quickly and correctly.
  • Embrace organization: Certain activities such as data center equipment relocation don’t have to be complicated. Data center teams need to organize the procedure to determine the level of services required. There are several companies that are specialized in the relocation of data center servers and IT equipment buyback. You can choose a reputable company where you can sell your used servers, sell your old desktops and also get a combination of cost effective services such as packing, crating and shipping.

You will find people assigning price tags to almost every tangible item. Data center equipment providers are no exception. They manufacture and sell some of the most pricey data center equipment in the world. While you are thinking about your most valuable data center hardware and equipment, it could be an act of humanity if you consider your employees as well.

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