In today’s world, data destruction is a very serious matter. With the numerous amounts of data that come the the form of client information, financial transactions, photos, videos, and other personal information, organizations and individuals are always at risk.

If you’ve been trying to discern how your going to manage data destruction policies and procedures, it’s important that you read further:

1. There are three methods for data destruction to consider including overwriting, degaussing, and physical destruction. Overwriting includes covering up old data with new data. Degaussing is the process of purging data by erasing the magnetic field of an LTO or other type of tape. And physical destruction consists of shredding or incinerating disk or tape.

2. Degaussing data tape media comes with multiple benefits. At Big Data Supply, one of our fortes is degaussing used tape and recycling it so that it can be used again. Not only do we think this is the environmentally friendly way to go about it, our clients earn cash when they sell used tape via our buyback program. (Please note not all tapes can be degaussed in the traditional manner, media with servo track will be damaged and be unusable if not processed through our proprietary degaussing equipment. Call or email for details.)

3. Failure to properly erase can be very costly. There are numerous organizations that find themselves in financial, legal, and regulatory trouble when they fail to develop strict data destruction policies and procedures. It isn’t at all uncommon for both disk and tape (full of data) to be thrown in dumpsters or stored out in the open. It’s vital that you fully understand the specifics surrounding industry regulations for data storage, disposal, and destruction and develop a system for assuring new and old data is always secure.

4. Data creation leads to massive amounts of e-waste. It’s quite easy to overlook all of the devices (disks, tape cartridges, tape libraries, etc.) that build up over time as data is created and stored. Don’t forget the role that you and/or your organization plays in creating e-waste. As mentioned above, by degaussing tape and recycling your data storage equipment, you have the power to keep perfectly good used technology out of landfills.

Our team would be more than happy to consult with you on options for strategically destroying your old data and recycling your used data storage technologies.

5. Data destruction doesn’t have to be overwhelming. The recycling movement has been slow to take off within the U.S. largely because people think the process takes too much time and effort. This is where the Big Data Supply team comes in. We’ll set up a plan to make the process very easy. For example, we’ll pay you for your used data storage equipment, arrange for shipment, and completely purge any and all data you’ve accumulated over time.

We Buy Used Tape, Recycle Your Media! Give us a call or e-mail us to get started and/or answer all of your questions surrounding data destruction!

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